Reebok Crossfit 5thave


Our Culture


When you walk into Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach, expect to be challenged like never before. Whether it’s getting that first unassisted pull-up, ring dip, or muscle up, we’re here to prove you’re capable of amazing things. It might be setting a personal record on a lift, or perhaps just squatting with correct form.

These moments are insanely exciting, and we’re here to celebrate every triumph along the way. And as you get fitter and healthier, you’ll make new goals and find new ways to challenge yourself. Your success is our success.

You’re Part of Our Community

Our coaches are here to push, encourage, teach, and motivate people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Along with our members, they make up one half of an insanely supportive community where everyone works to improve one day at a time.

CrossFit can seem intimidating at first, but here at RCFMB, we do everything in our ability to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Lots of classes have regulars who come specifically to work out with other members who they met at the gym. And if you prefer to just come, get your sweat on, and leave, that’s great, too! But one of our gym’s best features is our community connected by a desire to live fitter, healthier lives. That’s what it’s all about: being healthier and happier, looking good and feeling good, getting fitter, and having fun in the process. So why not make some new friends as well?!

Going the Extra Mile

In addition to our traditional CrossFit classes, we host regular charity events, local competitions and/or adventure races, guest speakers and coaches, and special seminars for members. There’s always something on our calendar, including great social events for members!

We can talk about ourselves until we’re blue in the face, but the best thing you can do is drop in for a class, talk to a coach, and see for yourself why Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach is right for you.



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