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Ask Your Coach: Lessons Learned From CrossFit!

1. What lessons have you learned from competing in CrossFit that apply to coaching CrossFit?

That you should try to have a strategy that you try to follow. Depending on what kind of WOD you have, stay steady and pick it up towards the end. I tell people to make little goals within their workout for them to reach. Like if it’s a big chipper to try not to  go into the red, pick a number you want to hit take a short break and hit it again. Be efficient and have a purpose to each movement they do not to waste energy.


2. A lot of CrossFitters think more is better. How many times a week should the average CrossFitter really be training?


I don’t really believe in a number her. From my personal experience in running and CrossFit, quality always over quantity. It has to do a lot with how you feel. I tell people to listen to your body. Some days you feel amazing! Do more. Some days you feel run down. Do less or rest. You have to learn the difference between feeling lazy and feeling fatigued. Rest and recovery is very important in avoiding injury and getting burnt out. Just like moving with a purpose, you need to train with a purpose. Goal setting is huge in have direction life, and CrossFit it is no different. If it’s to lose weight, to compete in your first comp, or to hit a PR, having something to reach for and accomplishing is a very amazing feeling.


I often tell the average beginner to go 3 days a week until they get use to the level of intensity in a class. On the other days go for an easy jog, bike ride, or even walk. As they feel more comfortable and pass the sore stage, 4-5 times a week. What works well for athletes is 2 days on, one day active recovery (easy running, swimming, working on skills/technique no heavy weights) easy movements, then 2 days on. But at the end of the day, listen to your body and go with how you feel. It should always make you feel good and be fun.


3. Say I want to train for a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, or other endurance race. Should I stop CrossFitting for awhile to focus on those?


I would not stop CrossFitting! You might need to dial it back a little bit, though. Say you were CrossFitting 5 days a week. Now with the long training you are doing, you may have to go to 2-3 times a week. There may be days were you have a two a day. A workout in the morning and one at night, and it’s going to be very important for you to really pay attention to your mobility, recovery, water intake, and diet.


From personal experience I feel that CrossFit is a great element to add to your endurance training. Sometimes in some WODs you might have to lighten the load and work on be faster or having a higher output of work instead of going heavy and not moving the weight as well. But the benefits that you get from CrossFit are huge compared to stoping it. Again, be smart and listen to your body!


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