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Up Your Fitness By Making Sleep A Priority

Not making progress on your lifts? Metcon times stalling out? Feeling like you’re not making enough progress? The answer might not be to change up your training.

This season, make sleep for athletic recovery a priority.

Sleep impacts performance — strength, endurance, speed, etc. — in more ways than one. Sleep is when growth hormone hits its peak, making a crucial stage for muscle growth and rebuilding. It’s a chance for your central nervous system (CNS) to rest and recovery, and it’s also a mental break built into our bodies over millions of years of evolution.

Need some tips for sleep hygiene? There are tons of great resources on the web, but the most important step is to prioritize your rest. And heads up, smartphone addicts: That means putting away electronics at least a half hour before bedtime, and reserve the bed itself for sleep (and certain more fun activities) — just not electronics or reading. They can make it difficult for your body to automatically associate the bed and your bedroom environment with rest.

It’s also important to take a look at your current sleeping conditions. Is the surface you’re sleeping on keeping you up at night? Is your bed or boxspring worn out, causing you to sleep in a comfortable position? Mattresses don’t last forever; shop around and test some different types of mattresses (many manufacturers have good return policies these days).

Most importantly, remember to get plenty of sleep after exhausting training days and difficult WODs. It’s going to help you come back stronger and faster than ever — and the Miami Beach coaches will love to see you at your rested best!


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