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When It Comes to CrossFit, Don’t Forget About the Community

By: Sadie Wells

People start CrossFit for different reasons. For some, it’s a way to get back into shape and lose a few pounds. For others, it gives a feeling of being in a sport again, reminding folks of when they played a high school or a college sport. Then there are the few that want to take it all the way (well, as far as they can). But there’s another component of CrossFit I think people often overlook when they join a box or enter a competition: It’s the community.


 This is a special bond that’s made when you can look at another person and experience the shared suffering: They know the pain, the ripped hands, the whip marks from double-unders, the “I can’t wait to lie down on the floor” feeling after a hard WOD. Or the “YES!!!!” feeling from getting that first pull-up, first muscle-up, or a new PR. They know how that last minute of a killer WOD feels like forever, but you guys did it together. Perhaps it was with different weights or different scaling on movements, but the pain is the same.

It’s amazing to see how so many people enter the gym in a shy state only to complete a 180 by the end of that first WOD. People are cheering for each other, high five-ing someone when they are done, talking about the parts they liked (and the parts they hated). It’s this understanding of pushing yourself hard, setting and reaching goals, that helps people build those bonds and friendships through CrossFit. That’s one of many reasons why CrossFit is such an amazing community people love being apart of.


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